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I did, and will be scanning it cover to cover tomorrow: But dont worry, it's the only shop in the village and is the centre of all gossip and rumours. So the Chawners would be way down the list of interesting things when you've got Mrs X having an affair with someone young enough to be her son . Not to mention all sorts of titbits. You never go to the shop unless you've got at least half an hour to gossip.

Will let you all know tomorrow lunchtime, if you can hang on that long.
I know how that feels! The gossip stops when I enter the shop as I'm still an outsider in the village

I seen an advert earlier and this weeks Closer will indeed have an insert. I assume it has something to do with their "first ever New You Special..." which will be a thrilling read, I'm sure *crosses fingers and hopes that the plane/boat that brings the papers makes it to the island despite the Audrey-esque winds*
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