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Lovely to hear a tribute to "the Island." I grew up across the Northumberland Strait from there in Nova Scotia, and used to have family holidays in Cavendish throughout my childhood summers. Of course, consuming Lucy Maud Montgomery was de rigeur. Among the PE Islanders I've known, there's a love/hate relationship with Anne, who certainly is "a cottage industry" there now. About 20 years ago they brought in a new license plate with Anne (straw hat and red pig tails) on it which had many Islanders refusing to renew their plates at the Department of Motor Vehicles -- imagine the mortification of taking your car off island, perhaps to Ontario, and having it emblazoned with that noxious symbol of twee-dom! So when an idiot reviewer calls Doc Martin "twee" or compares it with "treacle" just because it has been filmed under sunny skies in Cornwall, I can understand why it enrages the local denizens of Port Isaac, and turns them against the show. I'm also concerned that too much merchandising (eg. the "cottage industry" in Doc Martin bobble head dolls) will make MC and PB turn their backs for sure on the character they have cleverly and lovingly "created out of clay."
I would hate for the Port Isaac folks to loathe the show and hope the merchandising doesn't engender bad feelings or create a problem for Buffalo Productions.

Just returned from a holiday in Nova Scotia and the Halifax Tattoo.
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