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You know what's a funny question to me in the series--in S3E6, the morning after they've finally had sex, LG asks DM if he regrets what they did.

Why would DM regret that? He certainly didn't, as he makes clear. One imagines they both quite enjoyed the intimacy as we learn from LG at the nutritional supper that she was planning on spending the night, assuming she'd get, and wanting more, of their bedroom experience.

Was DM's initial response in bed hard to figure? One wouldn't think so; I mean, guys are pretty obviously enjoying things in bed, and from that kiss in the taxi when DM was for a moment actively engaging LG (before his idiotic comments), he seemed, for that brief second, very sure of himself.

They had also slept together all night, too; DM didn't get up and head home early. So, they both enjoyed the experience, DM stayed the night, they slept together and LG is still wondering if he regretted it.

Was that just LG's own insecurity? Had SHE regretted it?
That's a good question. I think it's an example of Louisa's insecurities. I understand why she asks him to propose to her again, but her questioning him about his staying the night is a different story. Are you sneaking out? Has this happened to her before? It must have. And now this is the man she loves more than any she has loved before. Insecurity!
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