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Many thanks, Connie. What would we do without you? You're like a reporter and archivist rolled up in one!
I watched part 1 live this afternoon using ExPat Shield. That was kind of exciting being able to watch live. Now I'm all set for about 12 months from now!

I really enjoyed part 1 and can't wait to see the conclusion tomorrow. One interesting thing about watching live was that I was also watching the commercials. So, about halfway through, what commercial came up? The one with Martin & Churchill where he is lying in the hammock in the backyard. It made me wonder if having that type of commercial played during a dramatic program with the actor in the commercial playing a role in the program is not the smartest thing.

Here MC was doing a very nice job of playing Ben who is caught up in a stressful family situation and during the break we are reminded that he is just an actor playing a role. Don't think that was a wise decision by the insurance company.
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