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I think Louisa is insecure and Martin is clueless. That seems to be a constant theme between them - in and out of bed

But what strikes me about those two "engagement" episodes is the lack of physical affection between the two. I don't expect huge PDAs from Martin, but he seems surprised that Louisa expected to spend the night after the nutritious dinner. It is once again Louisa taking the initiative for any physical intimacy. He says he is pleased -- but if she hadn't brought it up, would he have asked her to stay? For that matter, why did they not just move in together once they were engaged?

It's not a question of sex, but rather the idea that, as an engaged couple, they would have wanted to spend their time together.

Which leads me to the conclusion, which I think we've often discussed, that Martin is, in Series 3, more in love with the "idea" of Louisa than with the actual woman. He doesn't know her that well. And it leads me to think that some of his actions, like suggesting the nasal strips, pointing out her use of salt on potatoes as unhealthy, were unconscious attempts to end the engagement before they reached the wedding day.
That's a very interesting thought BookFan. I would add,, dropping the ring into the mashed potatoes. There was also a bit later more than a little bravado in the scene where they talk about getting married in 3 weeks, and both deny, a little too much, that the short time frame concerns them. So, we might theorize that he actually was beginning to wonder subconsciously what he -- a person with rather profound intimacy difficulties, in my opinion at least -- had got himself into, and engage in some sabotaging behavior.

Tying back to an earlier discussion -- maybe Louisa was not just insecure in her question as to whether he regretted spending the night,, but had some intuitive sense of his difficulties with committment.
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