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Thks so much Connie interesting to see MC in a minor role, can't wait to see episode 2, I have my suspicions... Interesting billing "and Martin Clunes"
I found that curious too. I just did a Google search on opening credits and found this:

A step up from the “with” acting credit, the final title card for the cast is reserved for the actor who has a meaty part in the movie, but not a leading role. It’s like, wow, isn’t it amazing that Big Actor blessed this movie with his presence, and I bet he’s gonna be great!

It’s where the elder statesman is listed, the uber-star. Many times the character’s name is listed here as well, such as “And Sam Elliott as The Stranger” from The Big Lebowski
Also, there was this headline in an article on Digital Spy this morning:
Martin Clunes ITV drama, C4's Paralympics dent BBC One's 'New Tricks'
Nice to see he is so well regarded. Of course, WE knew that all along
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