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Well here it is in all it's glory folks!:

Same old same old. No mention of the court case. Still insist they're eating healthily (even though Emma looks as big as Sam nowadays) and that they're not scroungers - Sam has a job (but was on sick leave the last time we checked but of course no mention of that in the article) and Emma does 5 or 6 peoples hair a week (REALLY busy eh? Especially as 2 of those are probably her parents! ) Oh and they're doing the Sue Ryder run in September with their dad - of course you are!

Most surprising? Apparently they've got a HUGE fan base in Japan! First I've heard about these Japanese fans They're involved in a reality TV programme there - unless of course that's just Chawnerspeak for 'the Bio Channel have sold the programmes to Japan' . I take it the NZ ones have finally got wise to them then
Thanks for posting Lotty. I went to Tesco today, but forgot to look for the mag.

The FB page for Support The Chawners Coming to New Zealand has gone very, very quiet.
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