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2. I've always wondered about the "chicken fillets" comment too. "There's much that could be done. Chicken fillets." Huh? Does she mean a woman could stuff chicken pieces in her bra? Doesn't sound too pleasant for the woman or the man. Or is there a slang expression we're missing here? Very strange. I'm hoping someone will jump in and explain this.

3. Mr. wool-in-ear is Mr. Armstrong. He's a rarity in that he's been in every series, and has been there for several significant scenes (for example, he's the one who comforts Pauline after her scooter has been repossessed). There's another one, Mrs. Poustie, who I think is always there. I'm curious about the man who plays Mr. Armstrong. Is he a local, an actor, what? He has lines in several episodes, but I don't think he's ever in the credits. I remember someone posting somewhere, here or at flickr, that they met him when they were in Port Isaac for filming. If anyone here knows anything about him, I'd love to hear.
I figured that chicken fillets is a euphemism for breast implants.

Just found this on docmartinonline:
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