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What makes you say that, PoorRichard? PB and MC have their own website selling Doc Martin merchandise, so they must be agreeable to the idea. They seem to be pretty savvy about merchandising and I assume they've licensed the bobbleheads and surely get a cut.
Yeah, I know they get a cut. It's just that when you've prostituted the child of your creativity, you sometimes can't ever look at her/him the same way again.

Thanks to you and to dcdmfan for clearing up the chicken fillets question. Now my new question is how Dominic Minghella would happen to have that little piece of esoteria in his general knowledge. And thanks for recalling the other scenes with Mr. Armstrong and for giving me his name.

Re: lemster, it's on a curve. I admit, a bad hair day for CC is like a good one for the rest of us.
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