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Very un-Aristotelian, this idea that you can be a good person and yet do nothing but bad things. Sometimes if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and smells like a duck, it's just...a duck. It was well written though, raising lots of questions around whether you can have a true one-flesh union (a marriage) when some things (ie. the kids) are irremediably "mine" and "yours." I was able to forget Doc Martin as I watched Martin Clunes in this role, which is a tribute to his acting. He is very good at acting in an understated way that makes you posit all sorts of thoughts and and emotions that may lie within. I wonder how that is accomplished. Does he think and feel those things within himself and hope that they project across to us telepathically? I'm about to speak heresy I know, but our boy is getting old-looking; those bags under the eyes -- perfect for this role, but not so great when playing opposite an age-defying Louisa.
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