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Very un-Aristotelian, this idea that you can be a good person and yet do nothing but bad things. Sometimes if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck and smells like a duck, it's just...a duck. It was well written though, raising lots of questions around whether you can have a true one-flesh union (a marriage) when some things (ie. the kids) are irremediably "mine" and "yours." I was able to forget Doc Martin as I watched Martin Clunes in this role, which is a tribute to his acting. He is very good at acting in an understated way that makes you posit all sorts of thoughts and and emotions that may lie within. I wonder how that is accomplished. Does he think and feel those things within himself and hope that they project across to us telepathically? I'm about to speak heresy I know, but our boy is getting old-looking; those bags under the eyes -- perfect for this role, but not so great when playing opposite an age-defying Louisa.
PoorRichard, I thought the same thing about how he looked but am trying to convince myself that it was skillful use of makeup. After all, he's only 50 (a veritable youngster, to me!) However, the neck tells the tale.

I too wish I knew how he does it -- or any good actor. Wasn't it the Stanislavsky method to feel yourself into the role and then sort of project outward, so to speak? Somehow, I don't think that fits Martin Clunes -- I think he's a pretty conscious craftsman and is thinking all the time about what projects the image he's trying to convey, rather than trying to feel himself to be, in this case, Ben. But I truly don't know.
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