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Yeah, I know they get a cut. It's just that when you've prostituted the child of your creativity, you sometimes can't ever look at her/him the same way again.

Thanks to you and to dcdmfan for clearing up the chicken fillets question. Now my new question is how Dominic Minghella would happen to have that little piece of esoteria in his general knowledge. And thanks for recalling the other scenes with Mr. Armstrong and for giving me his name.

Re: lemster, it's on a curve. I admit, a bad hair day for CC is like a good one for the rest of us.
I think Dominic MInghella was writing Martin as a lighter -- and I mean this in the most loose sense -- hipper version of the Doc. Martin, as Minghella wrote him, probably had heard the slang terms "baps" or "babs" for women's breasts since he was in boarding school. Remember when he told the surfer Ross that he knew where his "tits" came from? Another example of Martin being more in touch with contemporary life. "Scotch pancake" is a term for a flat chested woman, and Martin probably heard that before, given the fact that Edith Montgomery was a "Scotch pancake." Finally, he probably knew about "chicken fillets" or what we called in the day "falsies." He may not have know about the water bras that the Hooter girls wear, but I suspect he did know that flat chested women did have some means of enhancing their small breasts. Another show in which the breast theme was featured was the one in which he gave the flat-chest young teenager a placebo to grow breasts. Like his discussion with Elaine about her mother's death, I thought he was very sensitive in telling her to take the placebo until her breasts started to develop. He knew that they would eventually develop,

I think most of Season 1 had tidbits from popular culture as most shows set in the contemporary times do. Those allusions left with the Minghellas.

Now I have a question about Dominic MInghella. How do we think he feels about the direction in which the show has gone? Is he forbidden from commenting on it becasue he is still shown as "creator" of the show?

Also regarding Louisa's shower: Compared to the extravaganza baby and wedding showers I attend, Louisa's shower was low key but probably typical of Port Wenn. I think it was Louisa who turned it into a pity party for herself, not because of the gifts, but because (1) she felt the other women were questioning her ability to manage without a man by offering the help of their husbands and (2) she felt sorry that she did not have the father's involvement in her life and maybe the future life of their baby.
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