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Whoa! You said that aloud???

Martin Clunes is not a traditional silver screen leading man. Or at least not for me. I like them a little scruffier, hair a little longer than Doc Martin (Roger Fenn hair). And leaner (think Al). But I always like "smart" best of all.

But it is the chemistry between Martin and Louisa (who is indeed age-defying) that is every bit as compelling as Rhett and Scarlett. It is the combo, like Tracy and Hepburn, that makes you think that Martin Clunes or Spencer Tracy is swoon-worthy.
Interesting - remember I mentioned a few weeks ago that I discovered my PT is a DM fan? She is what I would consider one of the "casual" fans. I was explaining to her the schedule they have used the last few years (2 years between series) and she remarked, "Well, that explains it! I thought the actress who plays Louisa seems like she has aged quickly!" She went on to say she has gotten bags under her eyes. I asked if she thought Martin has aged also and she thought not so much.

Amazing how different people see things differently.
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