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They'd still have to pay something to the film companies though. I guess they're hoping we all buy food and drink as that is the main source of income for a movie theatre. Unlimited Cardholders go more I guess.
I may be totally wrong but if you view a regular movie it rings up as 3.00 at the til. I suspect that may be what they have to pay to the distributor.

Effectively, they make a profit if you see less than five movies per month. Given most of the cost of concessions at the cinema is profit, a slight reduction in the margin still means extra revenue.

I think at most i've seen 3/5 movies in a month and frequently buy food and drinks so they definitely make a profit from me.

I took out my card around this time last year and have had my email. I had to call Cineworld about a week ago as, long story short - they had setup two dd's for my payment and i'd cancelled one but at their end that cancels both DDs.

They told me i might expect the email and it would definitely include free 3D access and a further discount in concessions.

What i don't know is, if my 12 months sub is over and i continue on a monthly basis, does accepting the Premium card enter me into a further 12 month commitment? Given i'm getting the card whether i like it or not, should i continue my sub then i should hope not.

That said, I think any enhancement on the current deal is great. We know they are planning to introduce online booking too so all in all, good stuff from Cineworld.

My view is that they have done a great job in building a robust product that people want - good quality, modern but not soulless cinemas, good concessions (although the nacho cheese sauce is minging), excellent additional features on occasion (Olympics screenings and upcoming live events).

Where they fail though, in my view is in my local cinema. Clearly they know what brings people through the door but over the last few months they've put on so many kids films there hasn't really been anything else. Understandable in summer hols but this is common throughout the year. I want more range in the types of films they show rather than half of them showing the same thing.
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