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In my local cinema i do see people with their phones out periodically and it is annoying. During one movie someone actually answered a call, couldn't believe it.


They have security staff and ticket staff who come in throughout the movies to check all is ok.

Never seen them tell anyone off yet but it'll happen eventually.
At both mine in Glasgow, I have saw people told to put their phones away, told to shut up and even one guy thrown out because he had a camera and they had paused the trailers to get a balloon that a child have let float away! They threw him out because of "copyright" reasons but the trailers were paused it was just coz people were killing themselves laughing at them try to get this ballon down!!

I phoned the unlimited help desk and was told that they basically had not figured out all the stuff they were gonna give us yet, could only guarantee new cards and more offers, they rest he said had no clue - true or not who knows!
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