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I think the Olympics performance, watched by billions of people around the world garnered a fair few headlines...

She didn't say that at the official press call.
..A press call that she did not know she would be speaking at as she was told that it was a photo call.
She had a matter of minutes to compile a speech that would go out to the world's press as her first major event since leaving the Spice Girls.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that you are confused rather than deliberately being malicious.

You must be muddled because she was filmed beforehand discussing what to say, and after realising that 'pro life' had a lot of connotations, although it's pretty clear what she meant, contraception (condoms) reduce the risk of HIV and other life threatening STDs, she decided not to.

Try again.

You seem so bitter for some reason. You're not Lianne Morgan by any chance are you? Or Jenny perhaps.

For all the names that you are calling her, and the amount of effort you are putting into proving that she is an awful person, Geri isn't the one sitting at home writing venomous pish about someone that you really don't know.

I would love to know how much time, money and effort you have put into raising awareness and charity work in your life.
Geri has also put an inordinate time into self-promotion (I believe she is now touting a reality show - although Sky are not going ahead with it...imagine being rejected for a "follow Me" show by the station that shows Peter Andre...that's star power for you) - and therefore must accept that not everyone is going to be as enamoured of her as you are.

I have no idea who those people are that you mentioned. I am fairly certain there are more than two people in the world who don't appreciate Ms Halliwell as much as you do.

Strange that you berate me for my opinions on someone who courts publicity (she was at the Olympics as part of the Spice Girls, don't kid yourself that anyone would have wanted just Geri) and yet you are happy to call me names and make judgements about me, knowing nothing about what I do or don't do.

Hypocritical, much?
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