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Geri has also put an inordinate time into self-promotion (I believe she is now touting a reality show - although Sky are not going ahead with it...imagine being rejected for a "follow Me" show by the station that shows Peter Andre...that's star power for you) - and therefore must accept that not everyone is going to be as enamoured of her as you are.

I have no idea who those people are that you mentioned. I am fairly certain there are more than two people in the world who don't appreciate Ms Halliwell as much as you do.

Strange that you berate me for my opinions on someone who courts publicity (she was at the Olympics as part of the Spice Girls, don't kid yourself that anyone would have wanted just Geri) and yet you are happy to call me names and make judgements about me, knowing nothing about what I do or don't do.

Hypocritical, much?

She isn't looking for a reality show.

Perhaps you're confused again.

She's taking part in Pop Goes The Musical this October for Children in Need.
Appearing in Singin' In The Rain for one night only.
You can buy tickets here

She will also be appearing in a documentary in December along with the other Spice Girls to promote their musical Viva Forever.
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