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Really? Not looking for is not the same as can't get one. According to Sky, Russell is not the only one to have knocked Geri back recently.

I'm not trying to change your opinion, Kenny. You have a right to it. Please accept that I have a right to mine.

Yes, really.

Geri is not looking for a reality show.

Those articles are both well out of date and inaccurate.

Geri was in discussions with a number of production companies and networks earlier this year for a new kind of show that combined reality and performance, as a platform for her new music.

However, as I said, this is well out of date and a lot can change in six months. Geri no longer wants this kind of show.

You are wrong on two levels as to her being 'knocked back'.

She was offered something from one of the major UK networks but turned it down as she couldn't commit to some aspects of the contract.

Since then, Geri has been very involved in the Musical, The Olympics, her ongoing work on her new solo material and other projects.

See my above post for the 'reality' projects that Geri will be taking part in this year.

Lastly, Geri has never been 'knocked back' by Russell Brand.

They have been friends for years and are still friends now.

You are entitled to think that Geri is an evil example of human life based on the offensive things that you have seen and read about her in the media - and I am entitled to disagree, from my own experience.

However, where I cannot let things slide is when you attempt to lie, twist out of date information, half truths and gossip to make your point. Play fair or not at all.

I'm dealing in facts.
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