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Totally agree

They're going to build a second cineworld in my town, it'll have 6 screens and the existing one has 7.

I'll lay odds that, instead of showing a wider range of films like the bigger cineworlds in bristol, cardiff, cheltenham etc, they will just show the same old rubbish in both cinemas

Mind you, I have at least a year to wait to find out, they're still clearing the site from demolishing the previous college building
There are 2 cineworlds in Aberdeen which are perhaps a couple of miles apart and actually, they do a reasonable job of ensuring that they don't just show exactly the same films as each other - they both get the big releases but since the central one opened the older cinema does tend to show slightly more offbeat films than it used to and the range of films covered by both has definately improved.

However, it does make the double bill a bit more of a pain if the two films you want to see are being shown across the two cinemas.
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