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I explained to you earlier that Geri had been in discussions about a new kind of reality show at the start of the year.

She is no longer in discussions to make this kind of show.


Do you really think that networks like ITV2 or Sky Living would turn down the opportunity to follow Geri around over the past couple of months as she rehearsed for the Olympics with her bandmates?
Had meetings with Jennifer Saunders, Judy Craymer and other Spice Girls for one of the most anticipated new West End Musicals of the year?
The run up to her X factor appearance?
Or the inside scoop on her 'relationship' with Russell Brand?

Looking at the content of other reality shows on these networks, do you genuinely think that they would have 'knocked' her back?

Geri was looking for something very specific, not a Katie Price/Peter Andre type gig. She couldn't commit to what she was offered.

You can catch Geri in a brand new documentary with the other Spice Girls to help promote Viva Forever! on ITV1 in December.

Also be sure to tune in to Pop Goes The Musical for Children in Need this October to see Geri perform in Singin' In The Rain on the West End for one night only! Tickets are available here.
Geri? Is that you?
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