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What a creative mind you have...

I'm just trying to work out what exactly you suspect I am lying about?

You want me to show you proof that Geri is not looking for a reality show?

Well short of giving away confidential information to a public forum, I don't really understand what you expect me to divulge!

But let's try the common sense approach:

The MTV article you posted from April of this year states that:
"the series will focus on the launch of her new beachwear range, as well as giving a glimpse of her home life and her work on the forthcoming Spice Girls musical; Viva Forever."
Firstly, Geri's latest beachwear range has obviously already launched and she is no longer promoting it for the winter..

Secondly, The forthcoming ITV1 documentary featuring all five Spice Girls is part of the promotion for their musical. Do you think ITV1 would be happy for any behind the scenes 'work on the forthcoming musical' to be shown on Sky Living when all five girls have already signed contracts and taken part in filming for this prime-time documentary on that very project?

As for the ridiculous Entertainmentwise article, I can assure you that none of those quotes come from Geri, any of her 'close friends' or team.
I know exactly who supplied those 'insights' (and for any Geri fans who might recognise the tone of voice and suspect a certain 'Miss Jones', you are right to do so.)
A very bitter person indeed who hasn't been close to Geri or anything to do with her career for many years but for whatever reason cannot move on from that time in her life.

You are free to believe whatever you like, however.
I'm telling you the truth in as much detail as I can.
Regardless of how much you type, you are still not offering up any more proof than I had.

But thanks.

I can see that Geri is incredibly important to you. To me, she is just another desperate mediawhore. You have offered nothing more than your opinion, which, whilst interesting, was not enough to change me mind.

I just don't really care enough.

However, you and your friends have negated much of your "Geri the Paragon" argument with your rather rude way of dealing with me. I am not hard of thinking, I am merely disagreeing with your opinion and pointing out your lack of proof.

Being rude isn't really going to change either of those, is it?
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