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Regardless of how much you type, you are still not offering up any more proof than I had.

But thanks.

I can see that Geri is incredibly important to you. To me, she is just another desperate mediawhore. You have offered nothing more than your opinion, which, whilst interesting, was not enough to change me mind.

I just don't really care enough.

However, you and your friends have negated much of your "Geri the Paragon" argument with your rather rude way of dealing with me. I am not hard of thinking, I am merely disagreeing with your opinion and pointing out your lack of proof.

Being rude isn't really going to change either of those, is it?
I don't feel that I have been rude to you.. but I apologise if that's how I have made you feel.

If you re-read my post, I know I typed rather heavily, but the points I have made, although not exactly proof, are completely reasonable examples of evidence as to why those articles are out of date and inaccurate.

If you genuinely don't see that then, fine. I must be having a brain fog.

You're welcome to dislike Geri Halliwell.. she has always had her knockers.

I'm just trying to correct the things that you have said that I know to be incorrect.. without getting anyone into hot water! Which has proven quite frustrating lol.

Over and out.
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