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She is the one (and her fans on here) who keep banging on about her music and her new album - the one she must be self funding because she is not signed to a label.
If Geri is on here (Im a huge fan have been since day one!) But dont see how. Can i just point out dont believe everything you read. Last time i checked im sure Geri was signed with 19. I dont see how Geri will struggle to get a record deal with her success she should be lineing a few up. Shes got new material coming soon and i for one hope she picks up where Ride It left out and is a hit!
Yes she is signed with Simon Fuller at XIX (formerly 19)

She is struggling to find a record deal - but only because of her reluctance to move with the times!
She's been offered deals with major labels who were impressed with her new material and were keen to support digital releases but Geri isn't keen on the idea! She wan't physical releases too.

Whether she self-funds, has a digital release record deal or something else - this new music is coming.. soon!
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