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You expect me to provide concrete proof of negotiations between Geri Halliwell and major UK record labels regarding confidential business contracts and then post them on a public entertainment forum.... what planet are you on.

The fans that have received a heads up from me regarding various Spice and Geri events know how far the information I provide can be trusted.

Other than that, I really couldn't give a monkeys whether you believe my information or not!

I have nothing to prove.

That said, I do enjoy people crawling back with their tails between their legs with an apology - so I will look forward to yours once Geri's new music flops (joke) in the not so distant future.

Geri is one Phenomenal Woman that's for sure.
Apologies I missed this.

I have no further comment other than 'I'll believe it when I see it.'

This is the only Phenomenal Woman worthy of my consideration at the moment.
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