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Seriously, what is the actual point of this thread? It's an absolute joke.

Might as well rename it "Make up a Sequel that has been Confirmed for the Future".
Those of us with genuine industry contacts deeply resent your unwarranted cynicism. I'm sorry you feel that we aren't taking this seriously, but rest assured that I *know* the following to be going ahead:-

* Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason vs. Freddy vs. Mr Men vs. Little Miss

* Apollo 14

* Nineteen Eighty-Five

* Gigli 2 : Brain-Dead by Dawn

* The Fastestest and The Furiousererest and The... Sod It, I'm in My 30s Now, Married with a Kid on the Way and I'm Buying a Secondhand Renault Espace.... And Then Going to Get Involved in a Contrived Plot That Serves As An Excuse to Drive my Souped-Up "04" Reg People Carrier in a Macho Race Against Some Other Ageing Boy Racers Driving Around Scunthorpe Anyway. (Working title; subject to change)

* The Next Ten Commandments
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