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Those of us with genuine industry contacts deeply resent your unwarranted cynicism. I'm sorry you feel that we aren't taking this seriously, but rest assured that I *know* the following to be going ahead:-

* Alien vs. Predator vs. Jason vs. Freddy vs. Mr Men vs. Little Miss

* Apollo 14

* Nineteen Eighty-Five

* Gigli 2 : Brain-Dead by Dawn

* The Fastestest and The Furiousererest and The... Sod It, I'm in My 30s Now, Married with a Kid on the Way and I'm Buying a Secondhand Renault Espace.... And Then Going to Get Involved in a Contrived Plot That Serves As An Excuse to Drive my Souped-Up "04" Reg People Carrier in a Macho Race Against Some Other Ageing Boy Racers Driving Around Scunthorpe Anyway. (Working title; subject to change)

* The Next Ten Commandments
Love it!
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