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I think these girls should decide to disband on a mutual decision because it's really embarrasing that they have been together for nearly five years and none of the albums they have released didn't make it big, nor no #1 singles. They have 0% chance to break into the US, as they haven't really made it here.
I wouldn't say they have 0%. They have an E! Documentary, a possible appearance on Gossip Girl, they were at the VMA's, they have Perez Hilton supporting them, a possible cover on the Seventeen magazine, an interview being posted on Billboard on Tuesday, they have Sean Paul featuring on their song and have had alot of positive reviews from every appearance so far. They've got connections with Flo Rida, The Wanted and One Direction and their new song is very radio friendly. The US don't have a girl band at the moment, and there's alot of buzz around British artists right now.

They might flop, they might have a minor hit, they might have a big hit but either way they DO have a chance.
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