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I like Susan Boyle and think her voice is pretty damn good. She's done well despite her difficulties and some of the terms being used to describe her mental health status are patronizing and derogatory. Having been involved with mental health issues for most of my life, I find it sad. Just because she has these difficulties, should she have been excluded from having her chance to shine? I don't know. What I do know is that people being spiteful about her looks and demeanour won't help one bit. It's the old 'point, look and laugh' Bedlam mentality that we should have grown out of by now and moved on from. I'm not humourless and can accept banter about physical and mental disabilities, both of which I've got experience of in one way or another. I just don't get the level of nastiness some people have directed at Susan Boyle. In some cases, it's the people who are saying she shouldn't have become famous because she is 'not all there' who actually create that situation in the first place....and I'm not referring to anyone in this thread. Have seen and heard much worse elsewhere. The best person to know whether or not it has all been worth it is Susan Boyle herself. A great many talented people, dead and alive, have had mental health issues. Because of this, should they be prevented from expressing their talent and capability? I hope SB is as well and can be and has the right kind of love and support around her to get her through the tougher times.
Great post. Really sad that it seems it's still the majority belief that someone with learning difficulties or mental health issues should be hidden away in a quiet and safe environment, rather than having the opportunity to make decisons (good and bad) for themselves. We all have the right to make unwise decisions. Susan doesn't lack capacity to do that.

She (like anyone else thrust into the limelight) needs support and someone who is truly looking out for her interests, and if she decides enough is enough, will repsect her decision. Suggesting she should stay in a tiny Scottish villiage and not pursue her dreams, just because she has mild learning difficulties is pretty outrageous actually.
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