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Just read the IFBI report again.

It's most about Adele and her 18,000,000 sales of 21 for 2011, also says about 2009 sales by SuBo and Adele sold more than all of SuBo's albums added together with one album. It breaks it down from
Nobody said that Adele hasn't had a phenomenal year. Spectacular.

But I was responding, as were you. to the idiot who didn't believe Subo had sold many CDs. !7 million, as you pointed out. That has made her financially secure for life. She could quit tomorrow and live pleasantly without another nickel. What perhaps some here don't realize, is that she lives on about $30,000 a year for daily living expenses, owns 2 small houses and a car and invests the rest. No limousines or yachts or multimillion $ mansions, like all these pop stars of the moment, who suddenly find they're bankrupt.
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