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Bendorm isnt even in production at the moment so thats definitely not true
Yes, now I see that Benidorm series 6 doesn't start filming until March 2013. I was hoping for a cameo more substantial than her Rab C Nesbitt turn. The rumour was based, mainly, on her being seen in the same hotel where the Benidorm cast were also staying (the MedPlaya Riudor, near the Sol Pelicanos Ocas Hotel where the series takes place).

However, while Susan was in Benidorm (arrived Sat. evening, left Tues.), she did tell someone that she was there on business, & she certainly was dressed that way throughout her stay, not the typical beach-holiday look; in fact on Monday, her hair had been professionally styled - a rarity for Susan!

Then on Wednesday, the day after she returned to the UK, her PR tweeted,

"There are wonderful things coming up in the world of Susan! Keep your eyes peeled"

So - what could have been her business in Benidorm...?
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