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At the final she allegedly attacked the floor manager backstage. That was the real reason why she was taken into mental care more or less straight after. She is a remarkable lady with a gift who deserves for that gift to be heard by peope. I agree they used editing or whatever to over hype that performance but it was great regardless. They just have to make sure she gets the treatment she needs so that she is safe and so are the people around her and above all want to do it and not be forced.
BIB - even if it is to her emotional detriment. Strikes me that Susan 'winning' is about far more for her fans than just hearing her sing. She is for them representative of the underdog breaking through for success. It is about the story & how it makes them feel about themselves.

Susan could make a living enough to provide her with what she wants. She doesn't need this level of success to provide her with stability & basic luxuries in life. The money will become (if it isn't already) a burden for her with a parasitic family after it when the media eyes are long gone.

This whole situation has disaster written all over it. I just hope when the fame has gone & she is left abandoned that those adoring her on here learn a lesson. Money & fame don't buy you happiness. Certainly not for someone of limited capabilities/expectations like Susan.

As for her gift. You'd think she was the only person with learning difficulties to have a half decent singing voice. Fact is she isn't (go to Festival Hall every year to annual concert) but most parents/family would never dream of exposing someone with her limitations to the fickle/cruel world of showbiz.
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