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How is it that when certain people/celebrities behave badly in music/the arts they are given a certain kind of kudos. Sometimes, their behaviour is seen as 'cool' (admittedly, not by everyone). Someone like Susan Boyle (who has difficulties which aren't the consequence of her being off her face on drugs and alcohol) is reported to be kicking off and we hear lots of patronizing comments about her not being able to cope- or to the effect that she is some kind of demented loony who should have never tasted fame in the first place? Seems a bit inconsistent. I am referring to comments that I've seen elsewhere, not just on DS.
I think it's because it's new and we don't know how to react. The first step is seeing vulnerable hurting is to take them away from the situation that we think is the cause.

It's a learning curve for everyone because it's new. At the same time why shouldn't vulnerable people take part in life and have all the opportunities we all have, given the chance.
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