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It is almost certain that the girls will never be allowed to have partners – unless maybe when they’re 30 and marry one their ‘school friends’ and Phil can pick them up after they’ve had a drink.

It was amazing how upset Phil got when Sam got herself a boyfriend, shouting and screaming that he ‘never thought she’d do this to us’, huffing off and not coming out of his stupid little room because she’d met him on the internet….particularly as Phil and Audrey met through a personal ad in the paper, which is the equivalent of internet dating now is it not?

Daft as a brush the lot of them. But I still love them. Even though they infuriate me with their constant excuses, crying and ‘not our fault’ mentality.
That's my favourite episode, mostly due to his stomach almost exploding when he's telling her off. Along with, 'the internet is full of 'nutters'', and how he got advice for Sam's situation off 200 nutters from his facebook. I mean friends.

Heartbroken here btw, we've saved the wedding episode on the Skybox to remind us of all things Chawner. I'm moving in a couple of weeks and the Skybox isn't moving with me

I might have to wear a dead crow on my head to remind me while I pack.
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