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Aw, the heart-warming wedding, where only half a dozen people showed up, despite the Facebook competition to win an invitation, and Emma's warnings about crowd control barriers and a police presence

It was after the wedding photos were posted that the tide began to turn against them, from New Zealand, who, up until that point, had thought the Chawners had actually succeeded in their Big Fat Challenge. I remember seeing lots of posts excitedly asking them how much weight they had lost, and when were they going to post the 'after' photos.

Then the wedding photos revealed the sad truth. There was no weight loss, but weight gain. And the Chawners weren't Britain's answer to the Osbournes or regarded as the second Royal family. Even Peter Andre didn't RSVP to his twitter wedding invitation
Actually, I am very surprised close personal friend Peter Andre didn't show up - that kind of event is right up his street. He could have filmed it for his reality show - that would have been a blast - 2 reality shows filming each other!!

And the kids (whom he loves by the way) would have been able to play with Kim's daughter. I wonder if they invited Same Deference to perform - that could have been a real spectacle - with Emma on guest vocals as she has a lot in common with them (inappropriate close-family relationships..)
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