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Lozenger's dirty secret is out

Aren't Haven Holidays for families? Would they have anything as potentially salacious as a hot tub? When I was there it was all ball games and trampolining competitions with a bit of karaoke led by Rory the Tiger (not Tony)

Rory the Tiger was allegedly Duncan from Blue but I'm not sure if that's an urban myth. It definitely wan't a Chawner in the tiger suit though, he/she was skinny, the outfit was baggy.
I was almost forced to be Rory the Tiger when I worked there (cos the lassie who usually did it was too hungover to turn up). No chance "We are Tiger Club Kids! And we're gonna play all daaaaaaaay!" It still gets me in my nightmares

I'm sure Phil would be an amazing ambassador by taking up a position as Rory! Either that or he could go to Eurodisney and pretend to be Shrek (oh wait, he's not allowed to go to France)
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