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I printed one of the grumbleweeds 35mm films the once-lots of very odd shots of him half naked taken by himself. Only a couple of people i worked with knew who he was!

have walked past frazier hines and robbie from eastenders outside greggs in wolverhampton

Singer Gabrielle came into the shop i worked in

So did mickey dolenz from the monkeys,I was putting up the xmas decs and he knocked them down with a tripod
I've seen Frazer Hines (used to be in Emmerdale Farm) in Newark on Trent a few times, usually wearing shades in mid winter. I remember this one time he was really creating a fuss that a small branch of Somerfields didn't have the wine he wanted and had what looked like the whole shop running around after him. What did he ever do apart from Emmerdale? Hardly a megastar
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