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The problem, or one of them, with The Saturdays is that they just come across as too boring, they need a gimmick or to be more interesting to make them marketable like the big pop acts.
Hopefully they'll crack America, but I think Little Mix could be a threat as they might follow the same formula as 1D and try and break America in early 2013.

Lol we might get the female form of The Wanted Vs 1D with the Sats Vs Little Mix in America.
Nah America tends to like Boy bands as opposeto Girl bands. The Sats would have to be do something really Unique to shine, over there they won't get away with just being how they are over here. Think Little mix would have the Edge over the sats if it was betwen those too, as their music is a bit more what the yanks like.
I think these girls should decide to disband on a mutual decision because it's really embarrasing that they have been together for nearly five years and none of the albums they have released didn't make it big, nor no #1 singles. They have 0% chance to break into the US, as they haven't really made it here.
Kind of see what your saying and i kind of agree, but i think they should have one for chance and if they fail to crack the states then they should really disband imo.

As for having no chance to break America, they have a chance personally i don't rate it highly but you never know.
I'd like them more if they didn't absolutely reek of desperation. Their campaign for a number one a year or two ago was embarrassing, and they can be very overexposed at times.

Their last album was a real disappointment, personally. I love Chasing Lights and Wordshaker but nothing since then has done it for me.
Think it was the Missing you campaign and yes it was cringe, think they were so desperate for a no 1 for some reason they and their fans went crazy.
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