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Is Vanessa pregnant?
Would not say, so think she has put on a bit of weight, and its the way she is wearing what she is.

The choreo is pretty good? They look like five friends that have had one too many cherry lambrinis on a night out! Their vocals aren't great at all, besides Rochelle and Una, Vanessa is now very av erage and the other two are horrific.

The Sugbabes and Stooshe have managed in the past to come up with something interesting and relatively deep.

Girls Aloud are releasing fun, pop songs. The difference is that the actually do it well. They aren't the most talented, but they have the full package, when the Sats dont.
For me Stooshe are the best girlband around, in the Uk. If any GB had what it takes to break the states, they do.
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