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Theres a paradox at the end:

At least that leaves the way open for a sequel if the whole cycle starts again a few years later! (VERY The Terminator!!)
Thats true, the film doesn't fully show what might happen after the end, but


The film clearly doesn't have the extreme visual flair of the Matrix, but then the whole CGIed to the hilt special effects thing has been overdone so much since then.

The muted down style and emotionally damaged nature of all of the characters works well for this day and age, it's clearly drawing some definite lines from the breakdown in society and the gaps between rich and poor, which it does very well.

It's not a huge smasher film, or a huge blockbuster, but I would say is a very good solid film for those which like more depth and thought to science fiction, and the type of film Hollywood needs to make, (rather than franchises or sequals, or comic book adaptations).

And no sequel please. Just leave it as it is.....
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