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I was watching One Direction on Chatty Man last night, and it struck me that Harry Styles is not in the slightest biy attractive or charismatic. I've never thought he was anything special looks wise, but wondered if maybe he had some kind of mangetic personality, because there has to be some reason as to why women of 10+ years his senior would even want to have a relationship with him. But no, he's actually rather dull and didn't seem to say very much for himself, he's just an ordinary, greasy haired, spotty teenage boy like millions of others around the country. Nothing special at all. Can someone perhaps explain the attraction towards him?
EXACTLY!!!!! Maybe the attraction is a public who are incapable of thinking for themselves, media spin!! the ridiculous culture of celebrity we live in now!! i just HAD to switch of watching "styled to rock" as i could NOT take any more of the sychophantic sh!t being spewed about Cheryl Cole!!! it is heartbreaking that this is the sh!t our youth are being fed day in day out!!!
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