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How on earth would you know what the future will look like?

It's all guess work, if you go by Back to the Future we're only a few years away from HoverBoards, Flying Cars, mini vacuum pizza that cooks in a few seconds.
Clearly its what I think the future will look like, rather than knowing it.

Because cars in 1982 looked so incredibly different to how cars look today?

It's only set 30 years in the future. This isn't the Jetsons.

Take a look at these 3 cars,

1980's car

2012 car

Looper car

Now I know I just took images from t'net and if I wanted, I could have have taken an 1980's ferrari and had technology look like it was going backwards.

But my point was, I would like to imagine that in the 2040's, things would have progressed a small bit.

This is quite an interesting photo. Shows one futuristic one and one of the shitty solar panel ones beside each other.

Both cars
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