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Victoria Beckham - Never cracks a smile and seems undeniably ungrateful for her life. But mostly because she seems very dull and grumpy.

Cheryl Cole - If not for her looks she would have gotten nowhere since she's a very mediocre singer. She's very preserved now, which seems to be a bit of an over exaggeration.

Leigh Francis - Not hate, more dislike the fact he's always overdoing the appearance of Keith Lemon and he never gives people the chance to see the real him and see more of the other characters he has to offer.

Simon Cowell - Very cocky and arrogant, he's always said before each of his shows that they will be a success (some of which haven't been) he's also too preserved and he's never willing to go on any chat shows unless it's a rare occurance to mark the event of another one of his shows.

Louie Spence - TV Shows overdo his appearances, and he seems to be a one trick pony to me, he does a hillarious dance on every one of his appearances. That's it.

Kim Kardashian - She has absolutely no talent and all of her fame is completely undeserved. People are worshipping a completely normal person who's had her life made a million times easier for no good reason.

Paris Hilton - Same reason as Kim Kardashian.
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