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Hi! All
Well as for myself here is my list:

1: Denise Welch - Because a few years ago she was involved in the switch on of the Christmas lights in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I think I was the only person after who followed her back to her car asking if I could have her autograph and she blatently refused.

Since then she has been on a documentary on BBC 1 in which she ate at a local restaurant near where we live and more recently Piers Morgan's Life Stories talking about her marraige, she was in tears over the break up of her marraige on the tv as good as saying feel sorry for me as I deserve it.

She is just the big I am and just in it for the money and does not care about fans.

2: Patricia Routledge - In the 1990's my Mum and Dad went to see a play staring Patricia at the Greenwich Theatre in South East London and after waited for her autograph, now I know that some body guards and stage doormen can put people off but my Mum and Dad were told that she did not give autographs.

She acted so funny in Keeping up Appearences and has done interviews on tv but again is another the big I am and does not care about fans, just the money.

3: Kylie Minogue - In the late 80s I went to LWT[London Weekend Television] in London to wait to try to get her autograph, a few other people turned up but there was not even 10 of us waiting I would say and yet she got her bodyguards to take her out of a door so that she could avoid us all.

Then a few years ago she had cancer and made a big thing of it but again she does not care about fans, just the money.

4: Jeremy Clarkson - Because unlike some other stars it appears he can say what he likes and still not be sacked by the BBC, talk about favouritism.

Can't believe I forgot to mention that slapper on my list, she makes my skin crawl
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