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I haven't seen this film but do intend to. I enjoy a good time-travel film as much as the next man however I find myself struggling with the flaws and paradoxes in most of these types of films and end up annoying the other half by talking incoherently about 'mistakes'.

Are there alot of holes in this film?
Or am I simply as annoying as the misses says?

I should state that at this point in time I am no master of the laws of time-travel. According to a familiar-looking, old man I met, I won't aquire that knowledge for a few decades yet. The crazy old fool!
I'm quite similar to you in this respect, but I didn't really see that many errors (at least in the way time travel works in the film) whilst viewing it. On reflection after the film I did wonder why the main character made certain choices towards the end, when he had other less drastic alternatives.

Great film all in all, very nice to see intelligent Sci-fi again.
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