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The MJ case is in no way similar. For a start, there were plenty of people who suspected MJ was up to no good with kids. There was a much more fertile ground in which to plant seeds of accusations there. Nothing was stopping people coming forward out of fear no one would believe them. The California legal people were practically begging them to come forward promising rich rewards for doing so.
Apologises for appearing to be picking on but you raised various matters also raised by others.

Have you witnessed the wrath of MJ fans? They apparently attacked a news presenter in a car park. Some British fans flew to the US to have 'words' with the father of an alledged victim.

People talk of Jimmy Savile being threatening which stopped people going to the police or media. Michael Jackson had Anthony Pellicano working for him, the man who was sentenced to 15 years for hacking, having explosives and getting up to some unsavoury buisness.

Later Michael had Marc Schaffael maker of gay porn moves working for him, who was fired. A year later Marc was back at Neverland making a charity record and the rebuttal video and holding the passports & furniture of the family who made allegations in 2005.

The flood of accusations against Jimmy Savile has happened after the TV I indicated it appears no one went to the media or police on his death.
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