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I’m pleased this thread was started.
As soon as the Savile allegations appeared I thought of MJ. The similarities are there – the weird appearance, huge charity world especially around children, surrounding themselves with important people and kids.
After Michael died I did a huge amount of research on the internet because I just had to know whether the allegations against him had been true. The difficulty is there is still so much conflicting evidence and I find myself swinging constantly between believing his total innocence and thinking there was something odd going on.
The facts are that MJ was secretly dating Lisa Marie Presley (secretly, because she was still married to her first husband) at the time of the first allegations by Jodie Chandler’s father. It was LMP and Elizabeth Taylor who persuaded MJ to settle because they could see he was going mad, and had become dependent on drugs, as a result of the trauma of being accused of child molestation. MJ did not want to settle, but his insurers insisted upon it.
This was possibly the biggest mistake ever made in the life of MJ. His lawyer Tom Mesureau, who defended him successfully in the trial against the Arvizos, said he would never have allowed the settlement to be paid because that was the beginning of the end with Michael’s health, career, reputation etc. From that moment onwards right minded people suspected something had gone on, because who in their right mind would pay millions if they were innocent?
I have watched videos of MJ on YouTube strenuously denying he is a paedophile, or gay, or tried to buy the bones of the elephant man etc.
I want to believe in his total innocence. But I do believe he, and he alone, was the architect of his own downfall. You cannot blame the people around him. Many people around him tried to warn him that it was totally irresponsible and unwise to allow children into his bedroom (even if it was a two-storey room as big as some people’s flats); and tried to stop him being so dependent on drugs to sleep. But he chose to ignore them.
Whatever his public persona as a quiet speaking, gentle man – and I believe he was those things – he was also supremely successful and talented and had an ego to match. He told the people around him what to do, they didn’t tell him what to do. And there is plenty of documentary evidence on the internet to suggest that people did try to stop him surrounding himself with kids and try alternative ways of getting to sleep.
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