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In all of this nobody mentions how Elvis moved a fourteen year old Precilla into his home, everyone accepted there was no inappropriate behaviour, and maybe there wasn't but I bet underage sex was as rife amoung stars since ever they existed. If these allegations are true there should be action taken against people who allowed it to continue, but let's not start bringing other unproven accusations against other people into it.
Yes, I often think of this when Jackson and Presley fans argue amongst themselves on the internet. Elvis Presley may not have had full sex with Priscilla until they married, but her own autobiography lays bear all the other intimate sexual stuff they got up to prior to that. Elvis took a 14-year-old girl and brought her to his home where, for want of a better word, he 'groomed' her to be his perfect wife, and this involved sexual games. Isn't that child sexual abuse?
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