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The 'Wacko Jacko' tag was generated by Michael Jackson and his team.

There is a PBS film made in the early 90's where a former editor of National Enquirer revealed the story behind the Oxygen chamber pictures. They came from Michael's team didn't mind what story the magazine put with the pictures as long as the word 'bizarre' was used.

Jimmy Savile created a 'bizarre' image of himself blonde hair, colourful clothing anything to get in the press. Even in 2000 when he injured his leg he was on the phone to a mate to get his picture in the press.

If millions saw nothing wrong with Michael Jackson sleeping with children as young as seven, did they have the same attitude towards Jimmy Savile being surrounded by hordes of young girls?

Did the people who found Savile 'creepy'be the same people who found Jackson 'creepy' ?

yes great post mate...

the whole wacko thing was a charade to cover up his sick pedo instincts.
a truely disgusting individual who simply had that much money he could buy off his accusers and buy off his privicy to molest children....a truely evil man every bit as bad as saville...i also believe jackson music is utter trite..completely overated a bit like his 'stolen' un-original dance moves...rock n roll legend he is NOT...sick weirdo one trick dancer he IS.
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