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Cilla Black - She really grates on me on TV and from what I've read, is not a very nice person in real life.

Eamonn Holmes - He comes across as so bloody smug and full of his own importance.

Bruce Forsyth - I know he has a big fanbase but I think he's past it. There's lots of entertainers who didn't get knighthoods, so why should he be any different?

The entire cast of TOWIE - A bunch of talentless, ill-educated wasters. Why make a TV show about them at all?

Jedward - People say they're lovely in real life but they act like a pair of *****.

Noel Edmonds - There's certain things should be consigned to the dustbin of history and Noel Edmonds is one of them.

Martin Clunes - A very popular actor but I can't stand him or the programme Men Behaving Badly.

Alan Carr - He's just annoying. End of story.
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