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I was over in holland not long ago visiting some family, my friends and I went off for the day I ended up purchasing HC2, I was after a good horror movie and as it was banned the UK, it made me think that this might of been my only chance to watch it. I love horror movies, most of them. Saw, Final Destination, Texas Chainsaw, Scream, Chucky, you get what I mean so I put the disc in started watching it with a few friends. I have to say that is the most disgusting film I have ever seen, words can't describe how sick the people who made this movie are, it's disturbing, friends and family were came into the room as a scene with a pregnant woman was dying in it. Fair to say the disc got snapped up and thrown away, has anyone else seen this? Really glad it's banned in the UK! People shouldn't watch it, wish I hadn't been so curious now...
Surely you knew the plot of the film before you watched it?
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